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Valentine's Day Gift Certificate

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Valentines Day Gift Idea

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Valentine's Day is a sweet and special time for husbands and wives to 'romance' each other in a way that perhaps they don't often do. Wake your precious husband or wife on this special morning to a declaration of your undying love!

Certificate Reads:

Happy Valentine's Day!
My Dearest ____________,
You stole my heart (or so I thought)... By words and gestures sweet,
Safe-guarded it for all this time, Through every trembling beat!

So, now I see through clearer eyes, To say you stole it is not true,
You've won it as a prize, My Love, I've given it to you!

I adore you now and forever, ________________

What sweeter words of love and romance could be spoken to a spouse that would lift their heart?!

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